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I am lecturer in the history department at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. This semester I am teaching the first half of Western Civilizations survey. 


I defended my dissertation, Benevolent Patriarchs: Gender and Charity in Colonial America in May 2019. Under the My research focuses on the performance of gender norms in the eighteenth-century Atlantic World. Claiming status as a gentleman or lady required particular performances of gender norms and fulfilling certain expectations. Receiving the proper education, attending the right religious meetings, achieving marital status, gaining economic wealth, and exhibiting certain character qualities helped men and women display their membership in respectable society. I focus on benevolent societies in colonial Charleston as an example of gendered performance. Because of its prominence as a major hub of trade and proximity to rice and indigo plantations, a number of wealthy families called Charleston home. In addition to its wealthy residents, Charleston housed an incredible number of poor residents. By the late 1760s, one fourth of white residents in Charleston required some type of charity. An examination of Charleston highlights the need for benevolence and the ways the men and women extended benevolence. Through the specific example of gendered benevolence in Charleston, larger themes about the performance of gender norms throughout the Atlantic World can be investigated. 




University of Tennessee

PhD, Colonial and Early America


Dissertation Advisor: Christopher Magra, PhD

Committee Members:     Lynn Sacco, PhD

                                        Kristen Block, PhD

                                        Barbara Heath, PhD


Union University

BA, History and Political Science

United States History to 1865

United States History since 1865

World History to 1400    

World History since 1400 (Technology TA)


Development of Western Civilization to 1750

Development of Western Civilization since 1715    

Witchcraft and Magic in the Atlantic World 


Telling Stories in Early Global America  

U.S. Constitutional History since 1877


2019-2020 Academic Year

Post-doctoral Fellowship 

University of Tennessee Lecturer

Spring 2019

University of Tennessee College of Arts and Sciences Dissertation Fellowship

Spring 2017

Galen Broeker Award, University of Tennessee

Chad Grant Travel Award, North American Society for Oceanic History


“Charleston Gentlemen: Performing Gender in the Atlantic World” presented at the Southern Historical Association Conference, Birmingham, AL, 2018. 

“Reconstructing Charity and Patriarchy in the New World” presented at the Southeast World History Association, Maryville, TN, 2018. 

“”Intirely miserable and indigent’: Identity and Poor Relief in Early America” presented at the Society for Historians of the Early American Republic Conference, Cleveland, OH, 2018. 

"A Charleston Lady: Eliza Pinckney and Colonial Gender Norms" presented at the North American Society of Oceanic History Annual Conference, Charleston, SC, 2017.

"The Spanish Flu Epidemic of 1918-1919: Its Economic, Social, and Medical Impact in Whitfield County, Georgia" presented at the Phi Alpha Theta Regional Conference, Murray, KY, 2011. 

"The Evolution of States' Rights as Reflected in America's Foundational Documents" presented at the Phi Alpha Theta Biennial Convention, San Diego, CA, 2010. 

Teaching Experience

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